warlord belt megingjord edition
warlord belt megingjord edition

warlord belt megingjord edition

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Megingjörd was the belt worn by the Norse God Thor, meaning "Power-belt", Megingjörd was said to increase Thor's already mighty strength two fold. Although we can't guarantee you will become twice as strong by wearing our Megingjörd, we can say that you will look twice as badass! Modeled after a Viking ring belt from days of old, where the belt was routed through a single ring and excess material was half-hitched onto its self and hung free.  The Megingjörd - Warlord Belt employs two rings for a tension fit as well as a strap long enough to be half-hitched for that Viking-like style.
 The Warlord is a lightweight ridged low profile everyday belt designed for concealed carry applications. The Warlord is crafted with heavy duty nylon webbing and mil-spec webbing sewn together with multiple rows of stitching for durability. The Warlord's approach to concealed carry continues to provide the operator with the required functionality to keep their weapons and gear secure, yet yields a streamlined belt that is comfortable to wear all day. When a rifle and plate carrier just won't cut it for low-vis operations and a more discreet touch is needed, the Warlord is the preferred choice.

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