Stormrider Gear


    Whether you're spending your day commuting, shooting, or conducting high risk low-vis missions, Stormrider Gear's goal is to provide you with versatile, functional, and durable tactical gear to enable you to conquer your day.  Keeping with our "All that you need nothing you don't" mindset, we've set out to design our gear to excel operationally or recreationally with minimal material.

     Stormrider Gear LLC, located near Knoxville Tennessee, has been in business since 2013 and opened up shop online in 2014.  Stormrider Gear is veteran owned by Nick Hunter and his wife Jeni Hunter.  Nick is a former Army U.S. Special Operations soldier who served in the 75th Ranger Regiment with multiple combat deployments and currently serves with the federal government in the national security sector.  Jeni is the master craftswoman, she learned her sewing skills from her grandfather who owned his own upholstery business and was a Sailmaker in the Navy.  Always looking to improve upon his gear, from his issued equipment to the kit he bought somewhere else, Nick's drive for the ultimate gear led to custom belts built by Jeni for Nick's work, shooting competitions, and for their everyday lives.  Soon teammates were sporting their setup, then friends, then that guy at the 3Gun comp and so on, and the business just took off from there.

     " We wanted to incorporate aspects of our lives, from our past experience, to our style of fitness, and our love for everything Norse and Viking.  So we created Stormrider Gear.   Modern Viking Lifestyle Gear made in America."  - Jeni Hunter,  Vice President