Fit Guide



1.  To ensure you get the best fit out of your Stormrider Gear, you will first need to wear the clothes you intend to wear with your new belt.  i.e  not a snow suit or spandex pants, unless of course thats what you intend to wear.

2.  Using a sewing tape measure, measure your waist line over your pants where your belt normally sits. (in inches)

     If you do not have a sewing tape measure, use a piece of string and measure that with a ruler or a retractable tape measure.

     If your measurement falls in between whole numbers, choose the next number up.

3.  Use this measurement number when selecting your belt's, " Size "(Inches).  This number should be used for ALL of our belts.

 Our belts are tailored to YOU, to give YOU the best fit.  No need to worry about being at the top end (not enough length) or bottom end (too much material) of a pre-made sized belt.   

How our design works: 

Based off of your true measurement we add 8 inches to the belt (warlords/underlords/edc).   4 inches are required for the velcro to hold securely and the extra 4 are to allow the belt to extend out.  We add 10 inches to Overlords due to them attaching over an under belt.   All belts will extend out 4 inches and at least tighten 4 inches.  


DO NOT have a belt or holster on when measuring.

DO NOT use your pant size, your belt will not fit properly.  

    For example,   I wear a 34 in pants but I measure a 37. My friend also wears a 34 but measures 39.  He likes his pants tighter;  different brands of pants fit  differently etc.  

-EDC belts are designed to accommodate OWB and IWB holsters.   


If you have any questions please contact us we are here to help.